Inspired by talented professionals

Quality rather than quantity

We reject the emphasis on constantly increasing volume. Instead, our network focuses on relevance and quality. Our premium positioning is a guarantee for companies, but also for the senior and interim managers in our network. We look beyond a CV. Experience is essential, but personality is equally important to ensure a good rapport among team members.

We make your life easier

Our services are tailor-made. We know our local area and understand that rapid response times are crucial. We find your interim manager in 48 hours. We see ourselves as long-term partners to everyone we work with. Our regional offices provide a local presence throughout France.

The strength of the Alixio Group

Founded by Raymond Soubie in 2010, the Alixio Group works alongside decision-makers from major French corporations and multinationals, providing support for transformation projects focused on HR, strategic, management and organisational issues.

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Plurality: today’s society

We offer a wider range of positions, more women and young professionals, insights from different cultures. We give great importance to having a large variety of personalities.

This variety is the prerequisite for informed decisions and creative approaches.

Locations throughout France

Wide-spread proximity throughout France makes us agile and capable to adapt to local rules and practices, while supporting the implementation of projects and preserving local jobs.

We are members of the Career Star Group international network.

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