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Together with our transition managers and clients, we are Réseau 137

What set us apart : a new style of transition management

137 rue de l'université
75007 Paris, France

+33(0) 171 255 137

contact@ reseau137.com

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It is possible to do things differently – indeed, it is essential.


“Business leaders in this brave new world are blazing a trail as the only ones capable of overturning the old rules – changing the system while minimising risk. The  challenge is to identify those individuals and link them up with companies that are looking for flexible working arrangements and high-calibre professionals”

Our story

With a view to reconciling the need for business flexibility and individual freedom we established Réseau 137, a body of experts in interim management belonging to the Alixio Group, a leader in HR consulting in France for almost 10 years.

“Réseau” [network in French] is a reflection of our desire to build together with openness and agility. It is the expression of our way of thinking. It is an echo of the community of the interim managers that we nurture, and a reference to client companies that trust us and with whom we build much more than just commercial relationships.

“137” is a nod to the address we share on rue de l’Université. This symbolic address embodies the values we share with the university, a place where knowledge evolves and is shared. Creativity, Knowledge and Change.

Our mission

We connect companies seeking to transform with the unique profiles of experienced and capable leaders, supporting them operationally for the duration of a mission, and we progress hand in hand with them.

Our interim leaders, whether women or men, young or senior, are endowed with a rich experience deriving from multiple companies. They show the ability to:

  • think systemically
  • make connections
  • maintain rigor and a fresh outlook
  • work in a team
  • show both expertise and emotional intelligence
  • provide a unique view
  • and pay attention to the global impact of their actions.
    All these features are crucial to responding creatively and effectively to the current strategic challenges of organizations.

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