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You cannot expect to find your way in today’s world using old maps.


The desire for purpose, autonomy and creativity is more than a passing fad – it constitutes a seismic shift. Companies need to adapt. Tweaking existing business models is not an option. People are part of the revolution: individuals who have seen the limits of the old system and can identify the opportunities present in the new world order. Different choices are no longer a source of fear – transition management is becoming more popular.

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Transformation assignments in France and abroad, in all sorts of companies and organisations, from large corporations to SMEs, spanning all mainstream economic sectors.

How we support transition managers in Réseau 137

More than just a network of top managers, Réseau 137 is a community that works together, providing a co-working space, networking opportunities, an address book of trusted third parties and the support needed to succeed in your assignments.

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