We are transformation angels: we will find the right person to energise your company and equip it for the future.

We recommend outstanding candidates with a combination of high-calibre specialist knowledge and soft skills who are a good fit for your corporate identity and are equipped to tackle your transformation challenges.

137 rue de l'université
75007 Paris, France

+33(0) 171 255 137

contact@ reseau137.com

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We take an innovative approach, whereby we identify, assess and recommend professionals capable of meeting your transformation needs.
 Experienced and highly experienced individuals with a blend of technical knowledge and soft skills, plus a unique way of looking at things – the answer to your strategic challenges.

Our primary purpose is to find the right interim manager for you within 48 hours

Is your company seeking to boost growth, implement a transformation programme, streamline the organisational structure – or maybe you need an interim senior manager at short notice? Our senior and transition managers can provide solidity in a key role or project, if necessary at the drop of a hat. We have the skills and knowledge to recommend senior managers and transition managers for specific assignments who are able to provide maximum value added and hit the ground running. Our  senior managers know how to create mini-projects to resolve specific issues. We will help you to set up your own in-house transition management teamand can also provide emergency recruitment services. 

We’ll stand by your side to ease strained relationship throughout your assignments

With backgrounds in a range of disciplines plus training in our structured approach, our team of experts provide assistance if you find yourself resolving interpersonal tensions during your transition assignments. Ranging from team dynamics to more personal issues, we provide mediation services for crisis management, plus targeted strategic individual or group mentoring for handovers by directors and interim managers.

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